Mission Statement

The mission of Dr. Payne’s office is to provide the finest quality oral and maxillofacial surgery services in a pleasant and caring environment. Our patient’s emotional and physical well-being is our number one priority.  We will treat our patients with the utmost respect and protect their privacy and confidentiality.  We will communicate with our patients, to the best of our ability, information regarding their diagnosis, treatment, and options. Our office shall work as a team to enhance our own personal development through continuing education to provide excellence in patient care. Furthermore, we will make every effort to abide by the standards and regulations set in our Voluntary Compliance and Code of Conduct Manual.

Here, at our office we are proud to provide you individualized, personal care. As you may know corporate managed and owned oral and maxillofacial surgery practices are becoming more prevalent. There has been a decrease in independent, individually owned oral surgery practices. At our office, we do not feel that this is in our patient’s best interest. We strive, as an individually owned office, to provide you, our patient, the highest quality of care possible. In our office, patient care is driven by a patient’s needs and desires, not profit. You are not a number, and we are not accountable to corporate weekly/monthly/yearly revenue quotas. 

Our office works very closely with our restorative partners to deliver the highest quality of care that we can for you. This care is individualized and sometimes is not as quick as you might see in corporate owned offices. However, our desire is to provide you with care that you are not only happy with but also proud of.